Our Stained Glass Windows

St. Mark’s altar is graced with a beautiful stained glass window that was commissioned in memory of Wayne and Florence Van De Mark who served St. Mark’s Church for over 40 years. Angela (A.D.) Hill designed and constructed the window under the supervision of George DeWitt, both long-time parishioners. The window was dedicated on Palm Sunday, April 13th, 2003.

The greater portion of the window is a current depiction of the surrounding east Tennessee landscape. A breaking sunrise illuminates the copper red foothills, mountains, forests, and the river, all recognizable landmarks of the area. In the lower foreground sits an iris, the Tennessee state flower. Just below, a border of red and white stripes symbolizes the blood of the Christian martyrs including St. Mark. Above the sunrise in the upper left, a peace dove with a nimbus in its beak flies downward from the rays of a five-pointed star.

St. Mark’s altar window is, without a doubt, the focal point of the nave. It witnesses the regular mystery of faith while testifying to the glory of God’s power in a real depiction of renewal and rebirth of a once barren and devastated landscape.

Below are two windows commissioned recently. One in 2015 (right), an anonymous donation by a St. Mark’s parishioner, and in 2016 (left), in honor of Madeline Boorman, a beloved St. Mark’s parishioner, by her family. Both were designed and built by Susan Burch.