Lay Eucharistic Visitors (LEV)

Eucharistic Visitors take the bread and wine of Holy Communion to people who cannot attend regular services.

1) What is the ministry of Eucharistic Visitors?

Our ministry is to share communion with those unable to attend church. Eucharistic Visitors (EVs) are sent by the congregation with bread and wine consecrated during the Sunday Eucharist. EVs provide a pleasant visit for the person. The Eucharistic Visitor might be one of the few outside people a homebound person sees. A mutual relationship develops. This service does not replace periodic clergy visits, but augments them.

2) Are meetings held? How much time is involved?

EVs will need to attend church and receive a kit with the consecrated bread and wine. They visit the homebound person at a previously agreed time, usually on the same day. EVs use a printed service with words from The Book of Common Prayer that include prayers, Scripture, and readings. The homebound person participates as much as possible, saying the confession, post-communion prayer, and Lord's Prayer. Sometimes the service is shortened, depending on the health of the homebound individual. Once the service is completed, EVs may stay and visit or help with any needed personal services. EVs rotate Sundays. They go where needed. The visit takes one to two hours on a Sunday afternoon. EVs meet periodically to discuss their experiences and mutual concerns. This meeting usually takes less than one hour.

3) Are any special talents or qualifications needed?

EVs should have a conviction of the need for this ministry and be nonjudgmental, patient, supportive, and be comfortable with the frailties of life. This often requires a period of discernment; you might go along on a few visits to see if this is a ministry for you. The diocese offers a training once every three months and you will receive a license. EVs should be able to make their visits pleasant and enjoyable (and possibly helpful) to those they are visiting.

4) How does someone get involved?

Speak to our priest, Erik Broeren, or to any of the Eucharistic Visitors.

5) Can I receive a visit?

Our EVs visit parishioners who have been home-bound for a longer time and people who cannot attend regular service for a brief amount of time due to illness. Whatever the reason is that you cannot attend church, and you would like to receive communion, please let the church office know at 423-496-4681 so we can start including you in our roster.

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